What Happens When You Get in Touch with Me?

Have you ever wondered what you can expect when you get in touch with me at Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland ? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about getting in touch for a while and have been holding back? Maybe you’ve had some confidence and/or mindset issues, which have been bugging you for some time, and you’ve been hoping that they would just resolve on their own? Hopefully this piece will give you an idea of what you can expect and the reassurance that you need which will help you take the first step by getting in touch.

Of course I could simply conclude this piece now by saying that each and every rider I work with is a unique individual and there are no rules or set plans but the following will give you an idea of what you can expect.


You make contact with me by one of the following methods: email via my website or direct using , DM via FaceBook or Instagram or phone me on the number you can find in the “about” section of my FB page.

When you get in touch I will respond as soon as possible, answer any initial queries you may have and, presuming you would like to work with me, we will agree a date and time for your first session. This can be online using Zoom or face:face depending on where you are and which you would prefer.

STEP ONE is probably the most important step as it’s you acknowledging that you would like some help and support and it’s the very first step towards you achieving your confidence and mindset goals.


This is a consultation – or getting to know each other – session. I have lots of questions to ask you so that I can get a good understanding of what’s going on and how it’s affecting you. I will also ask you about your riding history and begin to get to know you as an individual by asking you to share more about yourself and the things which are important to you.

You can ask me anything you like as well, of course.

It’s an opportunity for me to explain more about my approach for working together and to set some joint goals for what you wish to gain from consulting me and, of course, your goals for you and your horse.

At the end of this first meeting we will have an initial idea of how many sessions you are likely to need and have an agreed plan.

The majority of riders I work with express a feeling of optimism at the end of this consultation – believing, perhaps for the first time, that they can and will fulfil their goals.


These ongoing sessions really are different for everyone. We will check back to the previous meeting and talk about anything which has come up since we last met. Find out if there is anything you wish to go over again or any insights that you may have had. We can celebrate the progress you have made and develop an understanding of any hiccups or difficulties so that you can learn from them.

Some of the things that we will commonly cover are:

  • An understanding of what’s going on in your mind and how that is influencing your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques to use to help you to remain grounded, focussed and calm.
  • A deep dive into goal setting for confidence.
  • Techniques and exercises which will help you to grow in self belief and resilience
  • Ways that you can use mental rehearsal and visualisation which will boost your confidence and self belief.
  • Tackle any self limiting beliefs that you may have and/or imposter syndrome if that is something you have noticed.
  • If you have experienced trauma it may be necessary to help you to let go of the emotions associated with the memories so that you can draw a line under whatever has happened and leave it behind you using SAFE AND EFFECTIVE methods.
  • Ways in which you can perform in the pressure competition so that you can achieve your competitive goals.
  • Any aspects of your riding which can be attributed to your thoughts and beliefs rather than to your level of riding skill and experience.
  • My training and experience allows me to help and support you with your whole life – not only your riding life. Most people I work with report benefits in all sorts of different life areas such as sleeping better, feeling more content at work and worrying less.


Whilst one of my goals is to help YOU to help YOURSELF you can feel reassured that you are no longer truly on your own in your riding confidence and mindset journey.

Of course I can’t practice the techniques you learn for you and it’s you that goes out there and rides your horse but, even when we stop seeing each other for regular sessions, I will always be happy to hear from you with queries, new challenges or if you feel that you need a confidence boost for any reason.

Over the nearly twenty years I have been working with riders the average number of sessions an individual has had is four. Some have just one or two and that’s enough for them. Others have far more and benefit from longer term support.

Some clients keep in touch for years and perhaps return for some help when they get a new horse or move up a level. Others feel that the sessions they have had are enough to give them the skills to manage any new situations they find themselves in. Again, you are all unique!


Back to STEP ONE and over to YOU!

If you like what you have read here then don’t hesitate to get in touch.