Performance Coaching and Mental Resilience Training

Professional and competitive riders at all levels are increasingly using a psychological element in their training.

I have worked with riders competing at national and international level who are looking to get the
competitive edge and develop mental resilience to be able to cope under pressure in competition.  In 2021 I completed training with Centre 10 in Advanced Psychology for Equestrians.  This has added hugely to my existing qualifications and experience and my clients are really benefitting from this additional training.

I am happy to work with you alongside your trainer or coach in order to help you achieve your goals and perform to the best of your and your horse’s ability.

Working together we will cover all aspects of the psychological side of your riding looking at:

  • Developing a coaching contract
  • Effective Goal setting
  • Performance lifestyle
  • Self awareness
  • Monitoring your performance
  • Your motivation
  • Visualisation
  • Thriving in competition
  • learning Mindset
  • Developing resilience
  • Managing success and failure
  • Plus any other aspects of performance which are personal to you.

Just get in touch to discuss your need and to find out more.

I was delighted to work, for several years, with eventer Jodie Neill on a sponsorship basis and Jodie had the following to say about our work together.

“Safe to say the work I have been doing with Jane over the winter certainly paid off in our first event of the season!
I have your typical perfectionist personality; on the positive side I’m driven, dedicated, persistent, on the negative side I’m self-critical and approval seeking.
Through the change of mindset work I have been doing with Jane and the visualisation we have been working on, I am learning to accept and embrace my personality traits, and use them for the better.
Jane works wonders with riders who struggle with confidence and anxiety related to riding. This isn’t something I struggle with. I have a horse who explodes enthusiasm and self-confidence, but I do struggle with a constant, unrealistic strive for ‘perfect’. I think many can relate, and I would actively encourage you to seek assistance with it. We focus so hard on getting our horses fit, ensuring we’re in good shape, checking tack, teeth, Physios, the list goes on…but how often do we put time and effort into improving our mindset for the sport we love so much?”

Another sponsored rider Natalia Mallon says

“Jane has been an utter godsend.  She’s given us the tools to release our fears, enjoy our riding and achieve things we never even imagined.”